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Downloads and Updates

Here is where you can download copies of the models described in The Climate Modelling Primer. It's an updated version of the one found on the CD that came with the third edition. Freezes have been fixed and an option to save results to a spreadsheet-compatible format has been added. There are two versions of the EBM, a workbook for the EBM and a spreadsheet implementation of the Stocker (2013) model of emissions reduction rate.

Updated EBM

You can download the EBM for OSX, Windows and Linux systems. The files below are ZIP files that contain everyting you need to get the model running. If you have questions or comments, please post them to the forums. Improvements and bug fixes are possible, but only if we know about them. [updated 9.Oct.2012].

Because of the way the binaries are compiled, you don't need administrator priveleges to install the Windows software. This means students can install and use in many shared labs.

EBM for OS X This version is a version for Intel Macs only. Sorry, the PPC version is no longer compiled.

EBM for Windows Developed for XP, but should work OK in other Windows versions.

EBM for Linux. This version is untested. Let us know if it works or not.

Updated and revised EBM for Microsoft Excel. This version updates a version that's been circulating for while on various sites that doesn't give the right answers. This version makes a useful illustrative tool. The calculations are identical to most implemented versions of this model, except they are visible to the user. Have fun!

Stocker (2013) spreadsheet

This Spreadsheet workbook simulation is new in the 4th edition and follows Thomas Stocker's paper in Science in 2013. This model encourages users to explore the 'space' for non-harmful climate change and the emissions reduction rate required to achieve that limited climate change.

Stocker (2013) spreadsheet . This version uses excel conditional formatting to visualise the results. You should be able to reproduce the figures in The Climate Modelling Primer and play around with possible reduction scenarios.

Get the EBM workbook

There is a simple workbook that goes with the EBM. It is suitable for a short 3-4 hour practical class with the EBM and discusses the basic characteristics of the model and its results. The model has potential to go further, by allowing students to save their results to a spreadsheet compatible file so they could (in principle) look at climate sensitivity measures and how verying A, B and C could change those.

Download workbook

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SKEPTICAL_SCIENCE: a website that is skeptical about global warming skepticism: whether contrarians’ arguments have any basis from the peer reviewed scientific literature.

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