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This Climate Modelling Primer web site facilitates communication among users of “The Primer” and from them to us (the writers). The 4th edition of "The Climate Modelling Primer" should start shipping in April [14.Feb update: some pre-publication copies have just arrived with us]. New features of the latest edition include direct links to movies from an internet capable smartphone.

...a compelling text that is thoughtful, inventive and well written.

Review of The Climate Modelling Primer in the International Journal of Environmental Studies


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Happy with the new edition of The Climate Modelling Primer? (thanks Alvaro!) Let us know what you think. Send us a photo of you and your Primer and tell us how you're using it.

Climate Dialogue

Climate Dialogue offers a platform for discussions between (climate) scientists on important climate topics that are of interest to both fellow scientists and the general public. The goal of the platform is to explore the full range of views that scientists have on these issues.


Gavin Schmidt on the Emergent Patterns of Climate Change

You can't understand climate change in pieces, says climate scientist Gavin Schmidt. It's the whole, or it's nothing. In this illuminating talk, he explains how he studies the big picture of climate change with mesmerizing models that illustrate the endlessly complex interactions of small-scale environmental events.


New way to visualise climate change mitigation activities

From Haulashore Limited, a software startup based in New Zealand, comes this new view on climate change mitigation. Imagine your car is the climate system and it's heading increasingly quickly towards a cliff edge. How long to you wait before stepping on the brakes and how hard do you brake?


Off the charts...

Australia’s record hot year is part of a global, longer-term trend. Over the past century, the Earth’s climate has warmed and continues to warm.


image of kangaroo and human drinking.jpg

iGlobe Inc partnering new initiative to communicate climate science

MIT researchers partner with iGlobe Inc. to educate students and the public on the climate. If you're in the Boston area on March 4, contact iglobeinc.com for details of their event at the MacAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. iGlobe make some awesome spherical displays like the one pictured.


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REALCLIMATE.ORG offers good scientific analysis of current climate change issues, sometimes relating to climate models and what they mean.

Climate Modelling 101 What are climate models and why are they important? A useful resource from the US National Academy of Sciences.

CLIMATEPREDICTION.NET offers a way for anyone to run a climate model on their desktop computer and to be a part of a huge community of climate modellers. Make those spare CPU cycles count!

SKEPTICAL_SCIENCE: a website that is skeptical about global warming skepticism: whether contrarians’ arguments have any basis from the peer reviewed scientific literature.

Climate change is no laughing matter—but maybe it should be. The topic is so critical that everyone, from students to policy-makers to voters, needs a quick and easy guide to the basics. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change entertains as it educates, delivering a unique and enjoyable presentation of mind-blowing facts and critical concepts.